About Us

Company Description

HaltDos ensures high availability of the businesses globally by protecting their complex networks from the wide range of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Solutions Overview

HaltDos customers gain full-spectrum visibility of their network with a high-end Anti-DDoS solution which is capable of handling a larger volume of DDoS attacks. HaltDos offers total DDoS and WAF security with an On-Premise DDoS mitigation appliance as well as with the DDoS protection over cloud which provides enterprise-class Layer 3 to Layer 7 always-on DDoS mitigation that minimizes application downtime and latency. HaltDos WAF is a fully managed solution that uses state of the art anomaly detection techniques to block application layer attacks with zero false positives. It protects a network from common and zero-day web exploits that affect application availability, compromise security or consumes application server resources. It also periodically goes and audits your network to provide a comprehensive security.


HaltDos promises an intelligent DDoS mitigation service with a multi-layered security to online businesses requiring zero management. It is a self-learning solution which continuously learns and adapts website traffic and provides real-time and historical insights with stunning visualization. It also provides attack alerts and notifications, attack signature, customer misbehavior and audit trail.

HaltDos At a Glance

The Company provides state-of-the-art Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation solution to Banks, the Internet and Telecom Providers, Government organizations, Enterprises and all Critical Information Infrastructure establishments. It provides software development and cyber security solutions to its clients by leveraging security expertise. Given the current organizations pain points and growing trend of DDoS attacks, and experience in handling a DDoS attack, HaltDos intends to provide a comprehensive DDoS mitigation solution for its customers with these following goals:
* Cost Effective and Efficient
* Visibility
* Always-On Mitigations
* Flexibility and Extensibility

Awards and Rankings

* Winner of the CII Industrial Innovation Awards -2016
* Winner of the DCSI Excellence Awards - 2016
* Winner of the Cisco LaunchPad - 2016