Career @ Haltdos

Why Haltdos

Application security market is massive (Market Research estimates it to be $25B by 2030!) and Haltdos is leading its disruption. The Haltdos team is transforming industries and empowering developers to build amazing apps that people use every day without worrying about security. We are the leading modern Application security & delivery platform and the first WAF provider to offer enterprise security - free. Join Haltdos and see what kind of impact you can makeā€¦on the company and on the world.


Innovation is the core of Haltdos. We bring cutting-edge technology to the market and are always looking for people with a passion for breakthrough ideas that keeps us innovating


It is in our DNA to build industry-leading hardware and software products & provide exceptional services to customers that put us at the forefront of technological innovation


Supported by strong leadership and surrounded by smart, passionate team members, our employees find countless opportunities for professional and personal growth


We believe diversity is critical for success and an individual's experience and perspective lead to new ideas and insights enriching the company's products and services

Media Coverage

Featured in leading tabloids and media agencies as an Industry thought leader for their unparalleled & out-of-the box Cloud security services offering.