HaltDos Appliance

Transparent Layer2

Fail-open Mode

High Availability

Low Latency

DDoS Protection

HaltDos hardware provides enterprise-class Layer 3 to Layer 7 always on DDoS detection and mitigation that minimize application downtime and latency. It uses state of the art machine learning to automatically detect and accurately mitigate widest variety of DDoS attacks for your web applications without requiring any human intervention.

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Bot Detection

Self Learning


No Human Intervention

Built-in Rules

Signature Updates

Periodic Audits

Fine-grained control

Application Firewall

Fully managed Web Application Firewall that helps detect and block malicious web requests targeted at your web applications. With periodic signature updates and website security scans - your website remains safe from common exploits with zero false positives.

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Swift Series

Small Enterprise data center

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Fregata Series

Small and Medium Enterprise data center

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Falcon Series

Medium and Large Enterprise data center

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