Integrated WAF & DDoS

Integrated WAF & DDoS Mitigation Solution

360 Protection for Your Network and Application Servers

Cyber-criminals are targeting web-based apps from all around the world in their most upstream form. This costs businesses and organizations a lot of money and a significant risk to their brand reputation.

DDoS attack protection

Factors such as the rapid adoption of cloud computing, use of open source technologies, the continued growth of web application traffic, security vulnerabilities, the complexity of web applications and an increase in the overall sophistication multi-layer attacks have led to an extremely challenging environment for IT security.

This critical IT infrastructure urge for improved cybersecurity practices and measures.

HaltDos Integrated WAF & DDoS Mitigation is a unique solution that intelligently fits into an organization's security architecture and elevates the importance of selecting a full-featured solution. It blocks network layer & application layer DDoS and other attack vectors directed at web-facing applications as well as towards a network. It also ensures ultimate protection against data loss. Its strong authentication and access control capabilities restrict access to sensitive data as well as applications.

Tech Specs

Admist fierce competition, your business can't afford to slow down. With HaltDos, you don't have to sacrifice productivity and performance to get leading-edge security for your network.

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