DDoS Protection

DDoS Mitigation Solution

360 Protection for Your IT Network Resources

Distributed denial of service attacks continue to evolve in scale, complexity, and sophistication: more distributed, high volumetric traffic, and intruding on the application layer.

A successful attack can potentially enhance unwanted cost on your IT setup and infrastructure. More significantly, it can lead to revenue & brand loss and can hurt customer satisfaction.

To combat these attacks from reaching the enterprise network, you need a resilient, scalable, and secure solution.

HaltDos DDoS Mitigation Solution is an artificial intelligence based IT security solution that automatically detects and accurately mitigates cyber-attacks on websites and IT Networks in real time. It provides round the clock multi-layered security with combined network behavioral analysis (NBA), heuristic and reputation techniques to automatically detect and accurately mitigate a wide range of network and application layer DDoS attacks without any human intervention with minimal latency.

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HaltDos Mitigates All Type of DDoS Attacks

HaltDos detects, inspects, and mitigates all type of DDoS attacks, including:

  • TCP Flood
  • NTP Flood
  • HTTP Flood
  • SYN Flood
  • SSL Attacks
  • UDP Flood
  • ACK Flood
  • Slowloris
  • DNS Flood
DDoS attack protection

Keep your applications, websites, & APIs performant and highly available 24 x 7 x 365, no matter under what type of DDoS attack you're.

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