Haltdos Launches v7 Security Platform

As cyber-attacks continue to become more sophisticated, businesses must take proactive measures to protect themselves. One of the most significant threats to organizations is an application-centric threat, where attackers target business-critical applications (website and web services) resulting in significant financial losses and reputational damage.

Haltdos, a leading provider of Application and Network mitigation solutions has launched the latest version of its flagship product platform, Haltdos v7. This new version offers several enhancements, making it better, more reliable, and more secure than ever before.

Here are some of the new features and capabilities of the Haltdos v7 Security Platform:

• Enhanced Performance and Scalability

In v7, we have greatly improved the performance and scalability, allowing the solution to handle traffic faster and in a more efficient manner. Features like Configuration Sync, Virtualization, Auto-scaling, and Centralized Management (CM) – allow Haltdos solutions to scale horizontally, synchronize state amongst multiple machines, and support multi-tenancy across all our products.

• Improved Network Visibility and Analytics

v7 greatly improves network application and security visibility – enabling businesses to detect and respond to threats faster through a rich variety of dashboards – both for the CXOs and technical staff.

• Advanced Threat Intelligence

In Haltdos v7, we have added the ability to ingest a variety of threat intelligence feeds, redesigned the Rule enforcement engine, and updated our machine learning algorithms to better detect and accurately block sophisticated attack techniques. The list of Threat Intel feeds from multiple regulators is growing rapidly and organizations are finding it hard to keep up. Haltdos v7 supports multiple user-defined Threat Intel feeds – simplifying management, but also allowing you to track the effectiveness of each feed.

• Enhanced GUI Experience

Haltdos v7 offers a more simplified and enhanced GUI experience for easy management of policies and configurations.

• Greater Flexibility and Customization

Haltdos v7 offers greater flexibility and customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their protection to their specific needs. The new version provides businesses with more control over their policies, enabling them to customize their protection levels based on their risk profile. Furthermore, v7 supports the built-in capability of RPA – allowing you to configure your security policies through time and event-based triggers.

• Multi-Layered Security

Haltdos v7 provides multi-layered security, ensuring comprehensive protection against a multitude of attacks. Haltdos v7 combines all network and security capabilities in a single box (hardware or virtual):

– Network Link Balancing


– DDoS mitigation

– DNS Solution

– DNS Firewall

– Web Application and API Protection

– Application Delivery Controller


Haltdos v7 has proudly been designed and developed in India.

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